Investor Representation

Representing investors and the developers in the construction and development of residential housing units, pre-development negotiations of transactions between parties; preparations of member and operating agreements; formation of the chosen entity structure.

Real Property Development

Representation in the development of real estate, including dealing with city and county muncipalities, planning, and zoning requirements; preparation of road and utility system and maintenance easements and agreements, Covenants and Restriction documents for Homeowner's and condominium developments and initial management of associations and turnover from developer; Grants of easement, preparation of purchase and sale agreements, loan document review, closing, escrow and post closing work. 

Landlord and Tenant Representation

Preparation of commercial and residential leases, work with leasing agent and management company in the proper enforcement of terms and conditions of leases by landlords and tenants; preparation of notices; handling of evictions from initial notice through possession by default or with the need of litigation, damages, and writs of distress.

Land Trust & Beneficiary

Land Trusts, Beneficial Interest ownership and Trustee functions.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense, short sale and deed in lieu negotiations.

Real Property Agreements

Preparation of Mortgage, security agreements, promissory notes, spreader agreements, and amendments thereto.